Direct Placement Search

Service fees are on a contingency basis and are payable if, and only if, you engage the services of a candidate that has been referred to you through our efforts.  The fee is payable should you or your affiliate engage such a candidate for any position within one year after our most recent communication relating to such candidate.  Candidates are referred to you in confidence and should not be referred to another company. Fees generally reflect a percentage of the candidate’s first year salary, but may be altered for unconventional salary structures.

Retained Search

Fees are negotiated upfront to conduct a search.  Typically an initial fee is required to begin the search, with the final installment paid once a candidate has been employed. We will operate on an exclusive basis and work very closely with you to find the best person for the role. The process is rigorous as we work directly with you to identify the best process and methodologies for your unique needs.  Weekly notifications are provided to update you on candidate activity.  This specialized style of recruitment typically suits top tier talent, where potential candidates are often not actively seeking new employment or there is a need for confidentiality.

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Training and Development

360 Talent Group takes the lead on understanding the latest methods and best practices for attracting talent.  If your company is not prepared with a strategy to manage your growth, we can help.  Our expertise in the industry allows us to provide customized training in the following areas:

  • College Recruitment
  • Attracting Passive Candidates
  • Social Media Recruitment Strategies
  • Sourcing Strategies
  • Building a Recruitment Brand
  • How to Build your Candidate Experience
  • Attracting & Understanding Millennials in the Workplace
  • Recruitment Best Practices for New Recruiters

Sourcing Services

Our sourcing services are a cost-effective way for identifying and developing a pipeline of qualified, passive candidates for your difficult-to-fill open positions.  This option is best when you have limited resources available to develop relationships with passive candidates and/or internal recruiters not skilled in passive candidate recruitment.  With this method, we will establish contact with potential candidates, and submit those who are interested and qualified.  Your team will take it from there! If requested, we can collaborate with your team to develop an ongoing marketing and recruitment strategy.  Sourcing services are typically paid at an hourly rate.


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